Sunday, April 17, 2016


I have been attending the University of Florida College of Journalism for 2 years now, after transferring from Florida Atlantic University. Through the CJC and CMIR I have been able to better myself as a reporter and media personality in general.

After getting my foot in the door at UF's radio station 89.1, I have not stopped to continue working hard and get where I want to go. If you check out my YouTube channel, you can see most of my work that I have completed here.

The University of Florida has been nothing but absolutely amazing to me since I got here. I would not trade anything I've learned or experienced here for the world.

My pride and joy from UF has been the INC and news program. Here is my final reel for my job hunt. Thanks for a great semester!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our "Real World"

It is fun to look at the views of others who are studying and doing what I want to do.

Sometimes I think that this may only be difficult for me or that I may not be doing something right. This is why I enjoyed reading Darling, Nestor, and Connor's blog pages. I enjoyed looking at the different angles and ideas on media and the work involved.


In the industry I want to work in, it is very important to stay fit. I have been taking this a lot more seriously lately in regards to working out and what I eat.

After looking at blog posts, I noticed Alexis Geffin had posted some different workouts and meals she had been eating. I feel as though I could learn from these!

I also noticed Nikki Rode had a great blog and I loved the title "Strong is Sexy." It's important for people looking to get fit to realize that there is more than being skinny and that is being healthy.

Kelsey Sanchez also had a great blog. She also keeps me motivated when I see her post pictures at the gym.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

About Me

Olivia Courtney is a senior at the University of Florida studying Telecommunication News. She is pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. Courtney currently produces, anchors, and reports for PBS affiliate WUFT-TV and NPR affiliate WUFT-FM 89.1. She is aiming to one day be a reporter and make her way up to an anchor position at a national level. Courtney’s favorite part about communication is knowing how large of an effect it has on the world. Not only is broadcast journalism a job, it is a way to serve the community on a daily basis.

Olivia currently works as a 5:00 anchor for WUFT News where she has learned how to "go live." Courtney is also a reporter for the show. In this position, she films, edits, and writes a full day-turn package for the 5 pm newscast. This opportunity has made her fully prepared to write news stories, operate a camera, edit video, interview and talk in front of a camera.

This past summer Olivia interned at WPLG Local 10 News in Miami, Florida. This helped her gain experience in investigative reporting as well as general news reporting, anchoring, weather, and traffic reporting. Olivia is also an Associate Producer at WCJB TV-20 in Gainesville, Florida.

Olivia will graduate from the University of Florida in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in 
Telecommunication News and a minor in Communication Studies.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Today was the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Career Fair. I guess you can say this is perfect timing for posting my resume!

This is my new, updated resume. Olivia Courtney, WUFT News.

Olivia Courtney
Cell: (786) 566-0011 Ÿ Email:

Focused multimedia journalist experienced in producing, shooting, editing and on-camera delivery of news, feature and entertainment stories for broadcast and Web. Proficient in use of AVID, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut video editing software. Committed to excellence and integrity.

Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication News, received April 2016 from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

WPLG Local 10 News Miami, FL • Intern May 2015-August 2015
Worked as member of consumer protection investigative unit and fielded calls, investigated stories, shot and edited video, and conducted interviews. Shadowed news assignment desk and field reporters. Participated in news meetings and assisted reporters in field. Conducted field interviews. Learned to operate green screen and report weather and traffic.

WCJB TV20 News Gainesville, FL ŸAssociate Producer August 2015-January 2016
Edited and produced content for newscasts and ran teleprompter for news anchors.

WUFT News Gainesville, FL • Specialty Anchor January 2014-present
Write, shoot, edit and deliver live news and entertainment segments. Anchored afternoon News in 90 segments.

Student Government TV University of Florida • Reporter August 2014-May 2015
Covered events on and off campus that aired on organization’s YouTube Channel.

ESPN SEC Network Gainesville, FL • Set Manager August 2014-December 2014
Assisted with shooting, editing and producing live sports events.

National Broadcasting Society Gainesville, FL • Reporter August 2014-present
Shoot and report entertainment segments for society’s television series.

Technical Skills
Microsoft Office
Premiere Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro and AVID video editing  

Video camera operation

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Web Stories

This week I was able to help a web student create a story off of my TV2 shift.
It was nice to be able to help another outlet publish a story that was able to help someone in our coverage area.


This week, my TV2 shift took me to Sweetwater Wetlands Park.
A lady e-mailed Gainesville City Commissioners concerned about the handicap accessibility of the park.
Normally, coverage and questioning tends to get things accomplished. I hope this story helps her out.